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Welcome to MCS Flightpath

Flightpath syllabus    with thanks to   Pilot Friend

Southend flying club ground school

See how it flies    a site by John S. Denker

A mathematical technical summary from AppliedAero

Some Qs and As from

FAA online flight handbook

Langley Flying school ground school resources

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Some touring sites

Flight Level 350     commercial aviation videos

G-XVOM 1     2       3       4

Flight plan     GAR form    AICs   AIP updates

France RTBA     active RTBA       Europe     Notam Info

met office  BBC wx    Brize Norton   Europe   UK    UK NOAA    Cotswolds

surfcams   Euro webcams   France     Navigeo   Panomax    UK webcams

General    Enstone cam Enstone wx  Kemble   Wycombe    Caernarfon   Perth  Cumbernauld   Headcorn Paris  Paris 2   Calais   Le Touquet   Lausanne   Annecy   Zermatt  Mollis   Samedan   Kandersteg   Innsbruck  Innsbruck centre  St Johann


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Week 11: Military flying

     Military flying

France                                                                           Mirage 2000

Libya                                                                             Pushing the limits

Low flying                                                                      Chad

Formation                                                                      Blue Angels  2    Frecce

Dogfighting                                                                    Mustangs

Harrier mission                                                               BBC

Ground attack                                                                Warthogs

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week 10: aerobatics


Eric Vazeille                                                                               CAP

Ramon Alonso                                                                            Sukhoi

Jim LeRoy+: Pitts special                                                             Pitts special

Patty Wagstaff: Extra 300                                                            Extra 300

Xavier de Lapparent:  Sukhoi 26                                                  Breitling

Svetlana Kapanina:  Sukhoi 26

Vazeille and Cooper: CAP 232                                                     CAP

Besenyei gyroscopic manoeuvres                                                 Extra 300

Sukhoi 26                                                                                   video

World Aerobatics championship 2009                                             WAC

Glider aeros                                                                                video

Military aeros                                                                              Mirage 2000

Aresti notation                                                                             Aresti

Pylon racing                                                                                 Reno

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week 8: Rotary aircraft

Mosquito Air                                                           video

weightshift                                                             video

cyclic and collective                                                video

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Week 7: Weather related issues

Weather issues

Satellite images                                                                     Topkarten

The atmosphere                                                                     atmosphere

Adiabatic lapse rate

Warm and cold air masses

cyclones and anticyclones

Coriolis effect

frontal systems                                                                       fronts

cloud types                                                                            clouds

visibility                                                                                 VFR requirements


TAFs and METARs                                                                   TAF METAR

free weather services                                                             Skylink weather

Propilots net

Subscription services                                                              UK Met office

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Week 6: En route navigation

En route navigation

Charts: CAA 500,000 series


ground features

dead reckoning : heading, speed and time

route planning                                                                     CAA VFR videos

obstructions and awareness


altitude, local QNH

quadrantal rule                                                                  semi-circular rule

transition levels / Flight Levels

route planning on computer

whizz wheels (circular sliderules)

creating Flight Plans for international flights                        flightplan form

GPS                                                                               Garmin G1000

FlightSim 2002:  view mode / replay mode / slew mode

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Week 5: Controlled and uncontrolled airspace

Controlled and uncontrolled airspace

Live UK airspace                                                             Flightradar 24

The Air Navigation Order:   CAP 393                                 CAP 393

A/G (air / ground) stations                                               Dunkeswell radio

Flight Information Service stations                                    Kemble Information

The airfield, runway direction                                            airfield sense

Wind sock / wind Tee / signal square

The circuit and rejoin                                                        the circuit

Radio calls                                                                       radio sense CAP 413

The commercial airfield, the tower

Holding points, taxyways, the apron

ATIS (air traffic information system)

Approach control: Luton Approach / Brize Radar                 London VHF

Clearances and permissions

Transponders mode A, C, S                                               mode S

7000 / 7500 / 7600 / 7700 codes

Squawk ident

TCAS warning system

Airspace classes A/C,  D,  E/G                                           classification

The London TMA (terminal manoeuvring area)

the MATZ (military air traffic zone)

danger / prohibited zones                                                  Timothy Allen Ppt

NATS and air traffic corridors                                              ATC sense Swiss

FAA video infringement videos

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week 4: instrumentation


VFR and IMC                                                                        VFR guide

The Big Six                                                                           Basic T     examples

Altimeter settings, QNH / QFE                                                 altimetry

The standard atmosphere 1013.25 millibars

Flight levels and the transition level

AI attitude indicator (artificial horizon)                                      AI

ASI (airspeed indicator) and markings / limitations                   ASI

DI (direction indicator) and compass                                        DI        compass

VSI (vertical speed indicator)                                                  VSI

TC (turn coordinator) or turn and slip indicator                          TC

Vacuum systems and problems                                                gyros     precession

Pitot and static systems                                                           pitot / static

FlightSim 2002:  setting instruments

FAA instrument procedures handbook

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week 3: flight controls

     Flight controls

Free flight                                                                                 chevaliers

ailerons and bank, elevator and pitch, rudder and yaw                 animations  intro

adverse yaw                                                                             video

effect of controls (interconnection)

straight and level flight, forces thrust, drag, lift and gravity           forces acting

takeoff                                                               King video       C152        747

V speeds   Vx, Vy                                                                     VSTOL   VSTOL 2

Landing     Vfe                                                                          landing   13 y.old

747   Lukla   Shuttle


extreme landings:   Tegucigalpa, Honduras                                  ground   air view

747 at St Maartens                                                                     ground      cockpit

sideslipping and crabbing                                                            Hamburg  45 kts

Getting it wrong at Kai Tak  …                                                     Kai Tak

… and at St Barts                                                                        St Barts

throttle changes and retrimming

fixed and retractable undercarriage                                              undercarriage

aerobatic flight limits                                                                   aeros   13g

g forces, human limitations

Red Bull    military    Cessna dog     Cessna cat     Bob Hoover   2

FlightSim 2002 simulation

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week 2: power plants and engine management

      Power plants

power to weight ratio                                                         heli   heli2  blimp

Martin jetpack                                                                   video

The 4 stroke engine                                                           the Otto cycle

flat 4 Lycoming / Continental                                               inline engines

V12s and radials                                                                radials   animation

model V12

rotaries                                                                            rotary engines


stoichiometric ratio 14:1                                                    leaning at altitude

turbocharging and supercharging                                        development

diesels in aviation                                                              diesel engine

propellers: fixed pitch, constant speed (recognition)              props  manufacture

complex aircraft and difference training                                Learjet takeoff

jets                                                                                  explanation video

turbine blades                                                                   manufacture

military afterburners                                                           SR71

ramjets and scramjets                                                        scramjet       X51a

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week 1: theory of flight

     Theory of flight: airflow over the wing

Franck Allemand                                                               Pitts S1 flight

speed is groovy                                                               hover bother

Bernoulli effect

wing forms, airfoil shapes                                                 illustration      NACA

Angle of Attack (alpha)                                                     FoilSim

flying and stalling                                                             stalling     illustration

laminar flow                                                                     illustration

Wing vortices                                                                   vortices     video

flaps, slots, vortex generators and leading edge devices            secondary devices

V speeds: Vs, Vne

compressibility, shockwaves and wing forms                      compressibility

supersonic and hypersonic flight                                       shockwave     SR71

controls: 3 axis, weight shift microlights                             control

flight controls

FlightSim 2002 simulation